VSA Values

“VSA Values is VSA’s way of recognizing employee achievement and behaviors that demonstrate our core values: Client and Employee Success, Creative Excellence, Collaboration. Through this employee recognition program, VSA honors those employees who have gone the extra mile and produced noteworthy results.”

Q2 VSA Values Special Mention · July 2017

“Not only has Emily studied coding and processes such as Git to maximize her own abilities as a digital designer, she started and has been running Code Club to help others in the office do so as well.

It’s no secret that digital is the present and future of marketing, and VSA wants to grow its capabilities as much as possible. Taking the time and effort to go above and beyond her own role, and then to step up and help other people do so as well, makes Emily one of the best designers at VSA, which puts her in the running for best of all time. And as a result, developer surliness is down 32% since last quarter.

While every designer doesn’t necessarily need to know how to code, it’s beneficial to the end product to have designers who understand enough about coding to know the level of time and effort needed to make a design work.

Emily delivers on all three VSA Values. Perhaps most importantly, she does it without hesitation and without a need for external validation. She works hard because she feels its important to do so. She is internally driven to contribute to Client and Employee Success, Creative Excellence, and Collaboration without thinking about it. She knowingly or unknowingly serves as a role model to others.”

Q1 VSA Values Special Mention · April 2017

“Besides her contributions as a great designer, Emily created and implemented Code Club, an internal knowledge-sharing group that helps non-developers learn to code. It’s cross-office, cross functional group that uses VSA’s access to lynda.com tutorials, then brings people together to discuss what they’ve learned, what challenges they faced, etc. Developers participate as mentors for the participants.

Keeping momentum going after the intitial excitement about an initiative can be difficult, and Emily has done just that, even when at times it may have been challenging. Her work plays into all the VSA Values, but in particular, it exemplifies that collaborative spirit that has made VSA so strong.”